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Green summer campaign: an unforgettable memory in the heart of TDTU students

Following the successfulness of previous years, the Youth Union of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) has launched the 2019 Green Summer campaign in three locations: Ho Chi Minh City (District 7, Nha Be district); An Giang province (Chau Thanh district) and Quang Ngai (Mo Duc district) – a hometown of General Pham Van Dong.

In An Giang, Volunteers (TDTU students) have delivered several meaningful activities such as visiting and giving gifts to 90 policy families (worth VND 300,000 /part); installation of "5 in 1" street light system with a total value of 50 million VND; repair 5 compassionate houses (total value of 250 million VND); giving gifts to poor students (desk lamps, books, pens, etc.) (total value of 124.8 million VND).

In Quang Ngai, lecturers of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities conducted surveys and built specific tours for the locality; In addition, the volunteers performed wall painting of schools, presented "knowledge and ethics" bookcases which worth 20 million VND; visited the cemetery of veterans and family with meritorious services to the revolution.

In Ho Chi Minh City, TDTU students visited and gave gifts to poor and policy families, organised children's festival with a total budget of 190 million VND, repaired electrical wiring  for poor families; delivered 1,200 meals for handicapped people in hospitals, caring houses, open houses, nursing homes ...; gathered garbage at 6 wards of district 7 and Nha Be district; dredged and cleaned canals, collected more than 8 tons of waste.

Besides, part of volunteers opened summer education classes in Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Literature, Informatics, swimming and legal propaganda for children in all 3 locations

With the spirit of dedication and pioneering dynamism, TDTU youths have made meaningful work. The 2019 Green Summer campaign has a total cost of organization and value of works up to nearly 1,5 billion VND; attracted more than 500 volunteers to participate from 28th June 2019 to 28th July 2019.

Captured images during the campaign


Volunteers deliver summer classes and legal propaganda for children in campagin’s localities 



TDTU students clean the veteran cemetery and visited poor, policy families 


Repairing and decorating a school in campaign’s locality



Participating in the closing ceremony in campaign's localities