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Working with Asia Exchange Education Organization

On the fourteenth of August 2019, Asia Exchange Education Organization paid a visit and worked with Ton Duc Thang University. Dr. Tran Trong Dao, Vice President together with international cooperation officers welcomed and exchanged the cooperation contents.

The representative from Asia Exchange has proposed the cooperation agenda with TDTU in the field of student exchange. Asia Exchange will receive and support TDTU students to study and experience culture in countries in Asia particularly and in the world generally, as well as to support tuition, information and research materials for TDTU students studying at the affiliated universities in the organization's International Network. At the same time, Asia Exchange will also be a bridge to bring international students to study at TDTU.

'TDTU is ready to cooperate with Asia Exchange,' Dr. Tran Trong Dao said. TDTU will promote the proposal of flexible short-term programs being suitable for each international student in which they pay attention to internship activities, business tours, and Vietnamese culture experiences.

Asia Exchange is a Finnish educational institution specializing in providing students with exchange services between universities around the world. In recent years, this organization has brought more than 7,000 international students to study and experience at Asian universities, which creates a global network of higher education cooperation.

Some photos during the working session:

Dr. Tran Trong Dao presenting the proposed cooperation agenda with Asia Exchange


Asia Exchange representative presenting the development strategy of the organization and the contents of cooperation with TDTU


Two sides reaching an agreement to implement the cooperation agenda