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Downpour on Bao Loc campus

I occasionally have to supervise activity in Bao Loc campus of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). But no matter how many times I have visited; I will still be impressed by the new things of the campus afterward; by the fact that the campus is always changing; becoming more beautiful and more meaningful.

Pine forest has been grown since 2013, up to now, they have reached the height of a two-storey building in less than 6 years.


The soil here is extremely suitable for pine; the forest is rapidly growing; the spreading canopy covers the campus by a shade of green. Under the canopy, the employees of TDTU is clearing branches and wild plants. Green grass all over the place forms a smooth and wonderful greensward.


All of the houses are covered by pine forests and flowers. The scenario is so majestic which is dominated by the green of the plants. 


After a period of rainy days caused by a storm, the sun is coming out in Bao Loc campus these days with the occasional thunderstorms. Rain like a horse; suddenly appearing and then moving quickly. 


The campus before and after the rain is also interesting. Rain comes and goes fast just like water; only a few dozen minutes after the rain, the facilities are cleaned quickly. Like nothing has ever happened! What makes us feel this better is the flower almost does not change its beauty before, during and after the thunderstorm. 



The cleaner works assiduously to make the campus clean and tidy immediately after the shower.


Looking at the University's campus and staff before and after the thunderstorm, like seeing the hardships but still enduring the work and responsibilities and devoting to the university. TDTU is still going up between all kinds of storms and negative waves of life.

"We still walk in religious life;
Peach blossoms in that place are still beautiful.”

After the rain, the flowers are still beautiful. Fresh flowers everywhere, even during the rain and gale. This red colour is spreading throughout every corner of the campus.


Yellow flowers on the greensward


Pink, orange flowers among pine forests.



All places are covered by colourful flowers


Rose myrtle appears in almost the roads 



My acquaintances in Vietnam and abroad who have come to visit the campus, all praising it as beautiful as a resort. To be like that, not so many people remember how we had to work hard and harder for the whole 11 years to get a style – resort campuses in Tan Phong, Bao Loc and Nha Trang. Building a university campus was difficult; making it a campus-resort is even more difficult. And yet TDTU did it, did all three; Becoming a leading and beautiful university campus with a beautiful European environment. Thorns and hardships are always the luggage of those who want or dare to go first. It is safe and lighter to walk behind your back.

But I also learned that most members of the TDTU community are willing to do these things again if the time turns back. So the vanguard has become blood, and the storms of life have also become daily things like horses jump through the window; like thunderstorms in this afternoon