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Ton Duc Thang University welcomes the new academic year with the determination to become a sustainable research university!

Overcoming the world’s common difficulties during the pandemic period and its own other unfavorable conditions, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) continues to develop with the chosen path and goal to be trustworthy to the learners and the whole society.

From September 7 to September 12, 2020, the students who have passed the first phase of admission season 2020 of Ton Duc Thang University have started their enrollment. In addition, students of the current intakes have already started their 1st Semester/2020-2021 from August 12, 2020. The new academic year has officially started.

The common difficulties of the society during the pandemic season have also been gradually overcome. Starting from September 14, 2020, all classes will return to the face-to-face learning, and the activities of the whole university will also continue to return to a new normal state.

TDTU’s own difficulties in the past short time have been and will be quickly resolved so that the university’s working will return to the inherent pace of development.

TDTU lecturers and staff always affirm to the society that the goals and strategies that the University has identified since 2007 are unchanged: trying to develop TDTU into the world’s elite research university in a sustainable way. TDTU's leaders, lecturers, admin staff, undergraduate and graduate students are constantly searching and innovating to get the fastest access to the achievements of humanity, in order to bring Vietnam's education to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s advanced education.

During the pilot implementation process, there will be details that need to be adjusted to suit the reality, but TDTU always believes that the plans and policies that the University has implemented over the past time on education, science-technology, and internationalization are correct and effective, which are also the main and consistent driving force for TDTU to achieve today’s achievements.

At present, although there is incomplete information about TDTU, the achievements of TDTU are the factual proof. TDTU always strives to be a role model of higher education in Vietnam with a great belief to overcome difficulties and obstacles: Let’s go then reach the destination; let’s find then see it; and let’s knock, the door will open!

Ton Duc Thang University will continue to develop with their real abilities to fulfill their ambitions.

TDTU always appreciates and welcomes suggestions, support, cooperation, and criticism from stakeholders in the process of operation and development of the University. The university team is determined to enter the new academic year 2020-2021 with a sense of victory.

Pictures at Ton Duc Thang University at the beginning of the new academic year:

TDTU attracts visitors to visit the University with a friendly green color
The green canal in the center of Tan Phong campus welcomes new friends
New Dormitory and Center for National Defense and Security Education
The library is ready for the new academic year

The Vietnam - Finland International School has entered the second academic year
Pharmacy students at the laboratory
Instructors instruct students to operate robot arms at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
New intake students rejoice on the day of admission