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Human resources of Finance and Banking industry in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

8:00 Friday; July 20, 2018
Room A403, TDTU, 19 Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7, HCMC.

This is the theme of a small workshop that will be held at Ton Duc Thang University this month. The Finance and banking industry is one of the leading IT application industries in the industrial revolution 4.0 with the proportion of more than 10% of the total number of leading enterprises converting into digital technology which is one of the key forces of this revolution. There is a forecast that revenue from digital banking will account for 44% of total banking revenue in 2019. However, the preparation of 4.0 human resources to meet the requirements of this situation in the financial-banking industry is almost still not in the beginning.

The purpose of the workshop is from the fact that some changes in human resources training should be prepared in order to meet the trend of developing digital financial activities, digital banking model, distribution channels and trading methods, etc. based on the Internet. With the aim of gathering and exchanging ideas with leading experts in the field of Internet, information technology, bank and enterprises management, etc.; introducing the impacts of digitization trend on the finance-banking field; discussing the opportunities and challenges, as well as sharing the views of action and "ordering" human resources training in phase 4.0 for TDTU in the coming time, the workshop promises to provide opportunities for job development and expertise for the participants.

Participants and presentations from the following units:

- Vietnam Banks’ Association;
- Vietnam Internet Association;
- Vietnam Software and IT Services Association;
- Vietnam Association for Information Processing;
- Sacombank;
- Lien Viet Post Bank;
- Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank;
- Tien Phong Bank;
- Maritime Bank;
- FPT Securities Joint stock Company;
- Viet Dragon Securities Corporation;
- HSC Securities Corporation.

Time: 8:00 Friday; July 20, 2018;

Location: Room A403, TDTU, 19 Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7, HCMC;

Participants: Presidential board, lecturers, post graduate students, TDTU students and other universities, institutes and enterprises.