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Natural Products Research Institute of Ton Duc Thang University and Seoul National University

On November 30, 2017, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) had a meeting with the delegation of Faculty of Pharmacy and Natural Products Research Institute (NPRI) of Seoul National University (SNU) - Republic of Korea - about the establishment of Natural Products Research Institute (NPRI) at TDTU.

After the welcome speech of Prof. Le Vinh Danh - President of TDTU, the two universities discussed the importance of establishing NPRI at TDTU to foster research on medical products in general and products made from the rich resources of Vietnamese natural herbs in particular. The future role of NPRI in relation with NAPRI Korea, WHO, and other natural products research institutes worldwide was also raised for discussion. Eventually, both sides agreed to establish a Natural Products Research Institute at TDTU (NPRI-TDTU). The President of TDTU then announced his official Decision to found Project Committee for the establishment of Natural Products Research Institute at TDTU. Prof. Park Jeong Hill (SNU) và Prof. Nguyen Minh Duc (TDTU) were appointed to be co-chairmen of this project committee. The project is planned to be implemented in February 2018.

NPRI-TDTU aims at basic research and applied research on products in the fields of natural compound, pharmaceutical chemistry, and new materials. This institute is expected to enhance teaching quality of the university but also contribute to the development of chemical industry involving natural compounds, pharmaceutical industry, and natural food. At the same time, the institute can help promote TDTU research in the Pharmacy and Medical fields.

Some pictures of the event:

The whole picture of the meeting


Prof. Le Vinh Danh had a speech at the meeting


Prof. Kim Yeong Shik, Director of SNU Medical Garden presented about the plan to establish NPRI-TDTU


Prof. Le Vinh Danh delivered the Decision to found the Project Committee for the establishment of NPRI
to Prof. Park Jeong Hill (on the left) and Prof. Nguyen Minh Duc (on the right)


The project committee together with leaders of TDTU and SNU