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23 - April
The Talk show is to help students know the 9 steps of personal branding, the 3 perspectives and rules of success and the 10 rules to create and maintain motivation.
21 - April
To provide students with the opportunity to participate in business activities at the start-up fair, to combine shopping with entertainment and also to explore the cultures of different countries around the world.
20 - April
From here, students will learn the process of fulfilling themselves, continue to pursue their goals, understand the process of overcoming obstacles and listen to some stories of success.
14 - April
The Business Connection Festival 2018 will be attended by more than 60 domestic and foreign businesses with the purpose of recruiting for full time or part time jobs which are compatible with 38 higher education sectors.
13 - April
The seminar entitled “Stock Market Volatility” will be held at Ton Duc Thang university (TDTU) with the presence of Prof. Michael Dempsey and high quality students from Faculty of Finance and Banking- Intake 20.