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Undergraduate education

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At TDTU, it is our objective to develop you into a creative, skillful and sought-after graduate, with the aptitude, skills and experiences that will enable you to make an impact in your chosen career.

The Bachelor degree programs are tailored specifically for undergraduate students which equally to the level 6/8 by the National qualification framework of Viet Nam and was selected from the Top 100 QS World University Ranking and THE (Time Higher Education) undergraduate programs. Most programs have a nominal duration of 4 years to complete, except the Pharmacy and Mandarin Chinese in Mandarin Chinese - English programs takes 5 years to complete.

We aim to invest in our students’ future with a focus on student employability (98.15% of o​ur graduates enter employment or further study within twelve months of graduation) and enhancing the student experience throughout the links with professional bodies and the promotion of student entrepreneurship; providing education and training opportunities of the highest quality to students from across the Viet Nam.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate degree courses in Economics-Finance, Construction, Fine Art, Humanities-Societies, Foreign languages, Technologies-Engineering, Applied science, Laws, Sports and Pharmacy.