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TDTU is ranked 2nd among the national universities in overall, and ranked 1st in the nation in terms of science-technology and new knowledge creation

The moment this ranking was released, it stirred up controversy among professors, lecturers and students. Many said that the calculations mightn’t have been objective. However, the list, which was published on September 6th by an independent group of Vietnamese and foreign experts, is a valid research work. The project was very well-invested, non-profit orientated and remained unaffected by any interest groups. 

There are three criteria under in which universities are assessed. Education and training make up 40% of the total score, the same for scientific research, while management and infrastructure fills the final 20%. The experts have taken into account all the key factors to build the profile of what constitutes a legitimate university… And the results are in!  TDTU has scored in second place, just after the Hanoi National University. Just as notably, our institution met the top criteria nationwide for science-technology and knowledge innovation over the last 3 years.

Therefore, undeniably, it is both a wise and rewarding choice to study and work at TDTU. Despite being young and independent and not receiving any funds from the government’s budget, TDTU has made history in just 20 years. We are proud of our achievements, compared to other public universities in Vietnam established over 50 or 60 years ago. This scientific research has shown that TDTU made the right choice and is going in the right direction. If we continue to pick out appropriate goals and maintain management effectively, we will usher in a bright future together.